Our Philoshophy

The company is firmly committed to creating indissoluble connection with the development of the operational needs of clients and its use as a valuable and effective tool to meet the needs and achieve their goals


Our Services

Engineer Services Public - Private Infrastructure Projects

The infrastructure development is the most important investment of public and private entities.

Project Management

Public sector bodies and modern businesses often encounter the need to implement complex projects, of high standards...

European - National Funding

The exploitment of the opportunities offered by National and EU funding programs is an integral part of the development and adaptation process...

Strategic and Operational Planning

The growing process of economic globalization requires the design and implementation of new measures to enhance productivity...

Organization - Bodies’ – Businesses’ Operation Modernization

Improving competitiveness, increase productivity and create the conditions for further development in all areas of a body...

Planning and Implementation of Communication Actions

This sector handles the strengthening and enhancement of "communication identity" of the Public and Private Sector...

Planning and Implementation of Educational Character Activities

This sector fulfills the need for high quality educational character activities of Public and Private Entities...

Design and Development of New Technologies Applications

The HYPERCO S.A. Department of Design and Development of New Technologies Applications is established to provide specialized...

Latest Projects

GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013
GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013, Region of Epirus-Regional Unit of Thesprotia (GR)
GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013, Public Benefit Enterprise of Culture, Environment, Youth, and Athletics of the Municipality of Ioannina
Public Benefit Enterprise of Culture, Environment, Youth and Athletics of the Municipality of Ioannina, Lead Partner 
Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus
Decentralized Administration of Epirus and West Macedonia, Directorate of Water Management
Municipality of Pogoni

Contact Information

  • info {[(@)]} hyperco.gr
  • +30 2310 335 000
  • +30 2310 335 001
  • Anaximandrou 65-67, Thessaloniki, 54250

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