Contemporary Art in the Cross-border Regions of Greece and Italy – distinctive title “ADRIONART”

The aim of the project is to identify actors in the arts sector, particularly living and/or operating in the cross-border region, to promote their creations and strengthen their cooperation and to provide a unique way of market expansion through the use of innovative information technologies. ADRION-ART aims to assist a particular sub-group of the cross-border enterprises, namely those involved in the arts sector, to face the challenges of embracing digital technologies with an aim to improve productivity and market reach, to adapt their internal structures to global competition and to achieve “internet speed” in their “business reaction” times.


  • Consulting Services
  • Studies
  • IT Applications
  • Communication Actions
  • Training Related Services
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September 03, 2015
Hyperco S.A
GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013
GREECE – ITALY 2007 – 2013