Human resources

HYPERCO’s human resources has been the most substantial factor that contributed significantly to its success.

Excellent working conditions, formidable HR policies, well designed selection procedures, have brought to the company very skilled and overall distinguished people.

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Design and Development of New Technologies Applications

The HYPERCO S.A. Department of Design and Development of New Technologies Applications is established to provide specialized and technologically advanced solutions to Public and Private sector Bodies.

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Planning and Implementation of Educational Character Activities

This sector fulfills the need for high quality educational character activities of Public and Private Entities, involved in funded programs. The planning, organizing and carrying out of educational activities foreseen in the various programs is provided. In detail, the following services are provided:

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  1. Planning and Implementation of Communication Actions
  2. Organization - Bodies’ – Businesses’ Operation Modernization
  3. Strategic and Operational Planning

Contact Information

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  • +30 2310 335 000
  • +30 2310 335 001
  • Anaximandrou 65-67, Thessaloniki, 54250

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