Human resources

HYPERCO’s human resources has been the most substantial factor that contributed significantly to its success.

Excellent working conditions, formidable HR policies, well designed selection procedures, have brought to the company very skilled and overall distinguished people.

The majority of HYPERCO’s staff are scientists with experience and qualifications by subject, suitable for the range of services provided by the company.

A large number of the company’s executives has postgraduate qualifications and valuable previous working experience in organizations and enterprises throughout the country and abroad.

Moreover, in order to confront very specific needs of certain projects, HYPERCO has developed a wide network of experienced collaborators, of particular high scientific level, fully complied to the company’s philosophy, policies and operation.

All of HYPERCO’s staff is very fluent with the use of advanced technological tools, that stimulate their productivity and efficiency, even in coping with complex problems, under conditions of particular pressure.


Continuing education and training of the company’s staff and external collaborators, in horizontal and vertical objects, has been one of
HYPERCO’s primary policies in order to sustain them constantly informed, properly trained and prepared in dealing with the continuously changing market conditions.

Contact Information

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